Kuralkan Bilişim Otomotiv San. ve Dış. Tic. A.Ş. is an affiliate company of Kuralkan Companies Group. Dating back 1950's, our group, besides motorcycles field, has investments and enterprises in fields of communication technologies, automotive, and construction, and supplies employment over 1500 staff. 

Our group's company acting in automotive industry has entered motorcycle field in 1987 by distributorship of MZ Motorcycles. In a very short time MZ Model comes legendary and top selling motorcycle in Turkey.

Together with fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, close of MZ factory which was located in East Germany came up. After negotiations with authorized team, we purchased factory with its all rights and privileges, and we moved factory to Turkey together with all equipment.

Following the success in its field, beginning domestic motorcycle production at its Dudullu factory in 1994, Kuralkan Motorlu Araçlar A.Ş. has been presenting its motorcycles produced under Kanuni brand both to domestic market and to abroad since then. 

Keeping its successful graphic in 2000's, Kuralkan A.Ş. Continues its activities at Kanuni Motorcycle Base which was opened in 2006 and locates near to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Air port. 

With its 60.000 square meters installation area, Kuralkan Motorcycle Base is one of the biggest production institutions at its surrounding location. 

There are training track, test riding area, storage, assembly, foundries, drive production unit and a highly comprehensive quality control unit within the factory, which was designed to include newest technologies and innovations of motorcycle production. 

Besides domestic production, strengthening its power and efficiency in motorcycle sector with international partnerships and strategical cooperation projects, Kuralkan A.Ş. in September 2013, signed partnership agreement with BAJAJ AUTO, which is the third biggest motorcycle institution. Since March 2014, entered Turkish market with its 3 models. It continues production with 6 models. Kuralkan A.Ş. Continues distributorship with its 128 dealers and 183 services, which were organized and started within a very short time. 

Kuralkan Bilişim A.Ş. is leader in motorcycle sector with its product variety and is a leading institution serving for arise of motorcycle sector and motorcycle culture in our country. 

Kuralkan Bilişim A.Ş. continues to meet millions with motorcycle joy by merging its power coming from end users, dealers, and staffs with its experience, skill and energy.